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Dusto (b. 1991, Kirishi) began to draw as a child, at the age of 7, when he went to a local art school. Since 2006, he has been actively doing graffiti, working in creative tandem with the artist Turben. One of the classic elements of Dusto's work is the expressive black line that the artist inscribes in space, whether it’s a canvas or a window in the street. The artist uses this technique not only in figurative works (for example, See You (2021), Who, Is Looking, Where? (2022), Bicycle (2023)), but also in abstract paintings, where the whole space of the canvas is occupied by black lines. This element has been connecting Dusto’s studio work with his street art for 10 years.

Now the artist continues to do graffiti, and also experiments with new forms and directions for himself, creating easel works, installations and sculptures and participating in street projects. Dusto notes that the picture for him is not primarily an object, but a narrative tool which he can use to tell something to the viewer.

The author is part of the St. Petersburg creative community 10.203: a group of like-minded urban contemporary artists organizes exhibitions and projects in their own gallery/studio and at other venues. 10.203 also includes Maxim Ima, Turben, Ivan Ilinskii, Xeato and Sergey Krasavin.


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