Ivan Ilinskii

INLOCO Gallery
The works of Ivan Ilinskii (b. 1993, Rybinsk) are distinguished by their multi-layered and heterogeneous textures. He experiments with different techniques and materials, and one of his favorite tools is a drill, which Ivan has been actively using since 2018.

There are two recognizable images in Ilinskii’s street work: a black silhouette of a man representing the artist's alter ego, and a cross consisting of the initial letters of his initials (Ivan Ilinskii). In the street, Ilinskii always paints in black; there is his rebellious streak and a sense of isolation from society. A black silhouette is also often found in Ivan's canvases, which refers the viewer to his street works. This figure symbolizes a «closed character» (as, for example, in computer games) and alludes to the endless search for one's own identity.

The author is part of the St. Petersburg creative community 10.203: a group of like-minded urban contemporary artists organizes exhibitions and projects in their own gallery/studio and at other venues. 10.203 also includes Maxim Ima, Turben, Xeato, Dusto and Sergey Krasavin.


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