Sergei Krasavin

INLOCO Gallery
Sergei Krasavin (b. 1994, Saint Petersburg) has been painting in the street since 2009. His own experience with graffiti and communication within the community led to photography. According to Krasavin himself, photography is often the second most important passion for a graffiti writer; he needs to capture the process of drawing and photograph the result in daylight.

In his work, Krasavin experiments with materials and techniques, methods of printing and subsequent image processing. All his technological methods are aimed at solving the artistic and visual tasks he sets for himself. The result is complex compositions in mixed media, which echo the multi-layered associative message of the works.

The author is part of the St. Petersburg creative community 10.203: a group of like-minded urban contemporary artists organizes exhibitions and projects in their own gallery/studio and at other venues. 10.203 also includes Maxim Ima, Turben, Xeato, Dusto and Ivan Ilinskii.


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