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Nikita Nomerz
Nikita Nomerz
Nikita Nomerz (born 1990) is an artist, curator, documentary filmmaker, and researcher. The artist's distinctive visual style has been forming since 2005, when he first began working with street art. Nomerz creates site-specific pieces that are inseparably connected with the environment where he places them, its history, functions, and materials.

In his studio work, Nomerz turns to the creation of easel paintings, graphic works, and installations. The artist's assemblages are often an expression of his street art practice and incorporate found objects.

Nomerz is a participant of street art festivals worldwide, including projects in Russia, France, China, Spain, Germany, Finland, the UAE, and Thailand. He gained wide popularity in Russia and abroad in 2012 due to the “Living Walls” project. Extensively working on the streets of his native Nizhny Novgorod, Nomerz founded the MESTO (translated as SPACE) international street art festival there in 2017.

The artist’s research practice focuses on the local street art scene. In 2022, Nikita Nomerz published his “Encyclopedia: Urban Art of Nizhny Novgorod (1980–2020)”. Nomerz is the author of the documentary films “Pasha 183” (2013) and “Out in the Open: Street Art from Russia” (2017).

Nikita Nomerz


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