Anton Selone
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Size: 100 х 100 cm
Year: 2022
Baryta-coated paper, Hahnemuhle 350 GSM, Fujifilm 400h
Series of 5
Edition 1 of 3

Author: Anton Selone

Category: Photography

Medium: Photos

Series: Edition

Style: Conceptualism

Mood: Mysterious

Mood: Provocative

Mood: Intelligent

Subject: Landscapes and Waterscapes

Style: Contemporary art

About the work

About the work

“Untitled (Xeato’s hands and predator)”, is a unique print captured by Antone Selone as part of the “Useless Palace” project led by Inloco.

Selone's photography serves as a “mise en abyme”, an artwork within an artwork. The photographer skillfully captures the artist Xeato's piece “Drowning” and “Predator”. Selone aptly captures the dialogue centered between the “ready-mades” of the two artists, while also mirroring Xeato's contemplation on “what once was”.

The photography by Antone Selone was captured using ;a 60 year old Hasselblad film camera, Fujifilm 400h film. The work was printed on Hahnemulle barite paper with 350 GSM with a guarantee of 100 years. This is an edition 1/3.