Anton Selone
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Size: 100 х 100 cm
Year: 2022
Baryta-coated paper, Hahnemuhle 350 GSM, Fujifilm 400h
Series of 5
Edition 1 of 3

Author: Anton Selone

Category: Photography

Medium: Photos

Series: Edition

Subject: Text

Subject: Landscapes and Waterscapes

Mood: Expressive

Mood: Brutal

Mood: Ironical

About the work

About the work

“Untitled (Desert Tear)”, is a unique print captured by Antone Selone as part of the “Useless Palace’ project led by Inloco.

Selone documented Maxim Ima's sculpture and performance titled “Desert Tear,” crafted by Ima using found objects unearthed within the depicted desert. Selone captures the moment of Ima tearing through the “landscape”, politically acknowledging the idea of “the deserter”.

The photography by Antone Selone was captured using a 60 year old Hasselblad film camera, Fujifilm 400h film. The work was printed on Hahnemulle barite paper with 350 GSM with a guarantee of 100 years. This is an edition 1/3.