Homeland 2

Karim Jabbari
To amplify the aesthetic appeal of your art piece, you may select a frame and matting as recommended by the artist. Please be aware that the framing process can take up to 10 days.

About the work

Size: 42 x 23.6 cm
Place: Dubai
Year: 2023
Digital print on paper / technique: Light calligraphy

In the photograph “Homeland 2”, captured in Dubai in 2023 by the artist Karim Jabbari, a renowned pioneer in light calligraphy, the urban environment serves as the backdrop, with the luminosity accentuating an inner space reminiscent of what one might call “Homeland”.

“Homeland” is translated from the Arabic text depicted and conveyed through the frozen movement of light, expertly captured using the technique of long-exposure photography. The Arabic calligraphy showcased incorporates ancient scripts such as Maghribi and Kufic, each holding profound personal significance for the Tunisian-born artist. Jabbari introduces the concept of “Calligraphity”, a term he coined to blend graffiti with traditional calligraphy, giving rise to a fresh genre of street art now celebrated globally.

“Homeland 2” 2023, is a unique digital print on paper.

Author: Karim Jabbari

Category: Photography

Series: Unique

Medium: Photos

Style: Arabic light calligraphy

Subject: Cityscapes and City Scenes

Mood: Good for business gifts

Mood: Dreamy

Mood: Intelligent

Mood: Thought-provoking

Mood: Mysterious

Subject: Text

Mood: Moderate