Walk with a little leopard

To amplify the aesthetic appeal of your art piece, you may select a frame and matting as recommended by the artist. Please be aware that the framing process can take up to 10 days.

Size: 21 х 30 cm
Year: 2023
Ink (liner) drawing on paper

Author: Fatum

Category: Fine Art

Medium: Ink on paper

Series: Unique

Style: Surrealism

Style: Old Masters inspired

Mood: Good for business gifts

Mood: Intelligent

Mood: Peaceful

Mood: Moderate

Mood: Sincere

Subject: Animals

Subject: Human Figure

Subject: Cultural Commentary

Subject: Technology

Subject: Landscapes and Waterscapes

Mood: Ironical

Mood: Mysterious

About the work

About the work

This exclusive series, crafted solely for Inloco Shop by the Ukranian street artist and muralist FATUM, delves into the convergence of technological and historical elements within the UAE. Having already exhibited his murals internationally, most recognisably in Abu Dhabi at the 2018 Formula 1 Grand Prix and Dubai 3D Canvas. Within this unique one to one series, FATUM explores the ancient and vibrant culture of the Emirates. The work successfully blends and juxtaposes past tranquilities with the intrusion of the modern era. Robotic cheetahs, abstract elements, and assistant scorpions symbolise the contemporary identity emerging in the Emirates as it transforms into the most technological and digitised state. FATUM’s remarkable style is highly detailed, inspired by old masters – they appear to be engravings, but in fact are hand drawn.

“Walk with a little leopard” is a unique piece, skillfully drawn with ink liner on paper.