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Size: 66x58 cm
Year: 2023
Silkscreen printing on WILD cotton paper 300 gsm
Edition 1 of 11

Author: Lokher

Category: Prints

Medium: Digital drawing

Series: Edition

Style: Surrealism

Style: Graffiti-inspired

Mood: Glamy

Mood: Gen Z-like

Mood: Expressive

Mood: Punky

Subject: Portrait

Subject: Cultural Commentary

Subject: Human Figure

Medium: Silk screen printing

About the work

About the work

Algerian street artist Abderrahmene Salah, also known as Lokher (B.1998), creates surreal artwork inspired by his upbringing in the vibrant suburb of Al Kouba in Algiers. In this series of screenprints, he creates dimensional depictions through bright colours and nostalgic hues. Humorous moments, resembling real life situations, are enhanced by Lokher in psychedelic patterning and repetition.

“This artwork was a gift to my wife. The choice of a small white mouse on her head refers to her fondness for these creatures. At the bottom of the canvas, our couple’s anniversary date is marked as December 6th. The particularity of this illustration is that it allowed us to realize that this date, which we have been celebrating for two years, was wrong. This error was corrected to December 7th, but ironically, we continue to celebrate the initial date. Hence the difference between the number in the title of the artwork 712 and the one on the illustration 612.”— Lokher

The piece is created using the silk-screen printing technique – an ancient method where each color is manually mixed, and one layer after another is "pressed" onto the sheet of paper. This makes each artwork unique and slightly different, as they are produced by hand.

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