Paisagem A/N

Filippo Minelli
To amplify the aesthetic appeal of your art piece, you may select a frame and matting as recommended by the artist. Please be aware that the framing process can take up to 10 days.

Size: 14.5 x 22 cm
Year: 2020
Acrylic and enamel on pigment printed photo paper

Author: Filippo Minelli

Category: Fine Art

Medium: Collages

Medium: Photos

Medium: Spray painting

Mood: Punky

Mood: Intelligent

Mood: Peaceful

Series: Unique

Style: Contemporary art

Style: Conceptualism

Mood: Good for business gifts

Subject: Flora

Subject: Still Life

About the work

About the work

Series: Paisagem

Filippo Minelli skillfully combines elements of nature and urban landscapes, creating unique contrasts within his artworks. Minelli playfully experiments with their different features and uncovers a distinctive beauty in the interplay between nature's traces and snapshots of urban scenes, leading to the emergence of new values and discoveries.

All of these works were created at the border between Portugal and Spain, where my studio is located. Many of the photos are captured within the studio, around its vicinity, or directly from it. I utilize flowers and weeds sourced from the roads along the border, as well as other simple everyday materials. I apply them onto photo paper using a spraying technique, akin to analog photo printing where you project a negative onto the paper.

The photos taken outside of the studio area typically depict transitional spaces, such as outskirts of cities, borders, and other limits. They serve as visual narratives of these locations, telling stories about the void present in these suspended areas.” — Filippo Minelli

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