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Size: 54 x 54 cm
Year: 2023
Digital print on cotton paper 300 gsm
Edition 1 of 11

Author: Lokher

Category: Prints

Medium: Digital drawing

Series: Edition

Style: Surrealism

Mood: Gen Z-like

Mood: Expressive

Mood: Provocative

Subject: Human Figure

Subject: Interiors

Subject: Technology

Medium: Silk screen printing

Mood: Mysterious

About the work

About the work

Algerian street artist Abderrahmene Salah, also known as Lokher (B.1998), creates surreal artwork inspired by his upbringing in the vibrant suburb of Al Kouba in Algiers. In this series of screenprints, he creates dimensional depictions through bright colours and nostalgic hues. Humorous moments, resembling real life situations, are enhanced by Lokher in psychedelic patterning and repetition.

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