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Size: 42 х 30 cm
Year: 2023
Digital print on paper
Edition 1 of 28

Author: Fatum

Category: Prints

Medium: Digital drawing

Mood: Good for business gifts

Mood: Intelligent

Mood: Peaceful

Mood: Moderate

Mood: Sincere

Series: Edition

Subject: Cultural Commentary

Subject: Flora

Subject: Cityscapes and City Scenes

Subject: Human Figure

Style: Old Masters inspired

Style: Surrealism

Mood: Mysterious

About the work

About the work

This exclusive series, crafted solely for Inloco Shop by the street artist and muralist FATUM, delves into the convergence of technological and historical elements within the UAE. The painting reveals a surreal story set in a traditional Arab home, where an enchanting scene unfolds on its roof: a flower blooms among the lush foliage. Amidst the leaves, a camel with its rider appears, strangely adorned with a budding bloom sprouting from its head. In this captivating moment, the people in the house seamlessly merge with the fantastical landscape, suggesting a peaceful coexistence with its mesmerizing elements. This scene could be seen as a metaphor for the arrival of spring and the shift to a new season, symbolizing the universal renewal of life's cycles.

A distinguishing feature of the image is the skillful combination of elements of Arab culture with modern technologies. This finds expression in the details, where the character in the foreground observes the flowering through his phone's camera, symbolizing the interpenetration and mutual influence of times and generations, antiquity and novelty, traditions and innovations.

“Heyday” is a limited edition of 28 prints, created through the silkscreen method.