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Sasha Trun
Sasha Trun
Sasha Trun (Alexander Trunilov, works under the aliases Sasha Trun, Trunskee, and Trun; born 1985) is a contemporary artist working in the field of street art and easel art, a curator, and an educator. Trun is the founder of the world-famous team TOPNDOPE (TAD). He is a member of the British graffiti artists' collective HEAVY ARTILLERY CREW and the American team MY DAILY ROUTINE CREW.

Sasha Trun has been creating graffiti since 1999 and has organized and participated in the world's largest street art and graffiti movements.

The specific features of Sasha Trun's artistic manner were formed under the influence of the German school of graffiti, including such street artists as Daim and Loomit. Beginning with bombing and tagging, Trun developed his own style, which is defined by the lightness and precision of graphic lines and a distinctive flavor. In the author's studio works, it is possible to trace parts of graffiti-lettering, which turn into abstract compositions. Many of the studio works are based on street culture, which serves as a source of inspiration for the creation of new paintings.

In 2014, Frank Malt included the artist in a book about the 100 best graffiti artists in Europe.

Sasha Trun


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