The artist is a part of the St. Petersburg creative community 10.203
10.203 is a team of street artists and an artist-run space, located at the former factory venue in Saint Petersburg.

10.203 team is represented by 6 artists: Dusto, Ivan Ilinskii, Maxim Ima, Sergei Krasavin, Turben and Xeato. For each of them the artistic formation began in the mid-2000s on the streets of Saint Petersburg. Starting with the then popular tagging and bombing on trains and railroad fences, each has developed unique vision and style, now expressed in both easel painting, installations, street art and their curatorial projects. An association of like-minded independent artists declares its main purpose as support of the local street art community and promotion the Saint Petersburg street scene in the world.
Digital reconstruction of the abandoned building with street art pieces by 10.203.
INLOCO Gallery
Since 2009, Turben (b. 1990, Kirishi) has been doing graffiti. Even then, in addition to font compositions, he created bright figurative works on the walls. Turben’s recognizable images, such as a charming dog with a round muzzle, the silhouette of a lonely person or a character that seems to have come out of a detective story, can be found both in the artist’s studio works and in city streets. Many of Turben’s works carry serious themes, presented in his special ironic and playful manner, thanks to which the viewer can get closer to the artist’s images and treat the world in an easier and kinder way.

Currently, Turben continues to experiment with different materials and still has the same emotional approach to drawing, noting that all his work depends on the mood at the moment.

The author is a part of the St. Petersburg creative community 10.203: a group of like-minded urban contemporary artists who organize exhibitions and projects in their gallery/studio and at other venues. 10.203 also includes Maxim Ima, Sergey Krasavin, Xeato, Dusto, and Ivan Ilinskii.



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