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Since 2007, Xeato (b. 1985) has been doing graffiti: at the beginning, he was inspired by French street artists. In 2011, he visited Paris, where local graffiti has gone far from its classical understanding: there, Xeato first saw its alternative scene – ugly, post-graffiti. At the same time, the artist visited a personal exhibition of Horfe, who painted both in the streets and in the studio, this parallel work with the space of the city and the canvas impressed Xeato.

Starting in 2023, Xeato began to work on a new series with landscapes. Due to the peculiarity of his technique, there is a feeling that if you look at the canvas from afar, the picture emerges quite clearly and whole, and if you get closer, you can see 15 colors in one small area. Now Xeato continues to develop his studio work, experimenting in various techniques and genres.

The author is part of the St. Petersburg creative community 10.203: a group of like-minded urban contemporary artists organizes exhibitions and projects in their own gallery/studio and at other venues. 10.203 also includes Maxim Ima, Turben, Ivan Ilinskii, Dusto and Sergey Krasavin.


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