Local Cuisine

Sergei Krasavin
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Size: 40 х 60 cm
Year: 2023
Inkjet print on Epson acid-free, hot press, cotton-based archival paper 300gsm
Edition 1 of 3

Author: Sergei Krasavin

Category: Photography

Medium: Photos

Series: Edition

Style: Conceptualism

Style: Contemporary art

Subject: Cultural Commentary

Subject: Food

Subject: Representations of Everyday Objects

Mood: Industrial

Mood: Provocative

Mood: Punky

Style: Graffiti-inspired

Subject: Interiors

About the work

About the work

Sergei Krasavin, previously known as KK Sergey, is a graffiti artist and photographer, B.1994 in St Petersburg. His artistic practice varies from planned photography to spontaneous documentary style photographs.

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“The apartment of a person directly involved in street culture often becomes a gathering place for graffiti writers, and some of them leave tags in homes of their own and of their friends. Graffiti gives life to a city, and in an apartment this effect is multiplied many times over. In Krasavin's work, one can also feel the irony: graffiti writers often hear the phrase “write on the walls at your own house”, but at their home everything is already written.”