Sergei Krasavin
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Size: 40 х 60 cm
Year: 2023
Inkjet print on Epson acid-free, hot press, cotton-based archival paper 300gsm
Edition 1 of 3

Author: Sergei Krasavin

Category: Photography

Medium: Photos

Series: Edition

Style: Graffiti-inspired

Style: Contemporary art

Subject: Representations of Everyday Objects

Subject: Cultural Commentary

Subject: Interiors

Mood: Gen Z-like

Mood: Expressive

Mood: Punky

About the work

About the work

Sergei Krasavin, previously known as KK Sergey, is a graffiti artist and photographer, B.1994 in St Petersburg. His artistic practice varies from planned photography to spontaneous documentary style photographs.

“Pieces was shot in Dubai in 2023, in the Satwa neighborhood, which contrasts with the main part of the city. It’s a place where Indian and Pakistani communities live, and the standard of living is different from what a tourist primarily sees. After the huge stores in downtown Dubai, where sneakers stand alone on “pedestals” with a rather high price, Krasavin found himself on the other side of the city and saw the same sneakers mixed together. This mass of shoes, where it is impossible to distinguish between fake and original, also refers the viewer to the theme of overconsumption that characterizes Dubai life.”

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